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Wondering how well your athletes are carrying out Rugby-style tackles in games? Send us your game tape and we’ll have our trained analysts and coaches take a look, provide feedback, and suggest additional or alternative drills and progressions to address areas of concern. We have built a custom database application that allows us to break down and grade every single tackle of your game on a multitude of variables. We will use this system to evaluate how effectively your athletes are tracking the ball carrier and executing the actual tackle based on what we can see from your film.

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“The Texas High School Coaches Association knows we need to change some things to save the game of football and changing how we coach tackling is one of them. We are proud to partner with ATAVUS, one of the leaders in coach and tackling education and a solution to many of the problems we face today.”
D.W. Rutledge
Executive Director, THSCA


“Our friendship with Waisale Serevi and his team is a treasured relationship for us. They’ve certainly helped us a ton in our efforts to improve our tackling and make our style of play better and tougher. We are tackling better than ever because of the things we’ve learned from Wais and his team at Atavus.”
Pete Carroll
Head Coach, Seahawks

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