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Absolutely. If you are an Athletic Director, a league administrator or a conference administrator looking to purchase licenses in bulk, simply reach out to us at footballsupport@atavus.com and let us know what you’d like. We offer a 10% discount for 2-5 licenses, a 15% discount for 6-10 licenses and much more aggressive discounts for 11 and up. We want as many people Atavus Tackle Trained™ as possible and have priced accordingly. We are currently developing the ability for you to manage the distribution of your licenses from your end as administrator. We expect that functionality to be live by mid-July 2016. In the meantime, we can grant all of your licenses one-by-one at the discounted rates.

Absolutely. Should you wish to upgrade from one level to the next, simply write us at footballsupport@atavus.com and let us know your email, phone number and the package (All American or All Pro) you’d like to upgrade to. We will arrange for that and then call you to take payment. The cost to upgrade will simply be the difference between the package you are upgrading to and the package you originally purchased.

Absolutely! We are constantly working on our drills, our progressions and our instructional design modules. Partners like the University of Washington, the University of Nebraska and the Ohio State University work with us to refine and enhance our progressions based on experience in the trenches. One of the benefits of an annual subscription is access to the latest and greatest thinking. Keep checking back.

We’d love to hear from you as well. Should you have ideas or suggestions, please email us at footballsupport@atavus.com.

Congratulations will be in order because you will then be Atavus Tackle Trained! You will be able to print and display your Certificate of Achievement for the package you completed (All-Conference, All-American, All-Pro). You will also join a community of stakeholders committed to effectiveness and safety in the tackle.

Atavus means “inherited character”. Sports like Football and Rugby create communities and develop character that yield benefit to athletes well beyond their playing days.

No. Football is an inherently dangerous sport. Our system is designed to minimize the instance of injury while maintaining the physical integrity of the game by taking the head out of tackling and focusing on proper shoulder-led form. The progression based system teaches solid decision making in the tracking of the tackler and disciplined form in the execution of the tackle.

The Rugby-style tackle is a shoulder-led tackle that keeps the head out of the contact zone. Tacklers track to the ball carrier’s near hip, shorten their steps in the lead-up to contact and drive through contact, punching around the legs and then wrapping up.

Rugby games consist of two 40-minute halves. Fifteen athletes are on the field for each team and all athletes play both offense and defense. The game is a non-stop series of attempts by the offense to score tries against the defense’s attempts to bring the ball carrier to ground where possession is contested. What this means in practical terms is far more tackles per game in Rugby than in Football. The sheer number of tackles per game combined with the fact that Rugby athletes do not wear protective padding means the game must have ways to make contact as safe as possible. The sport tackles differently.

Pete Carroll, Rocky Seto & the Seattle Seahawks did the entire Football industry an incredible service in bringing the Rugby-style tackle to the fore with their Hawk Tackle videos. In so doing, they defined the WHAT. Our program details HOW to coach Rugby-inspired tackling, primarily through our Online Training Program applicable to coaches at all levels of the game. By getting Atavus Tackle Trained™, coaches set themselves up to reap benefits in both tackle effectiveness and player welfare. That’s a winning combination.

Our business is rooted in Rugby. One of our co-founders, Waisale Serevi, is widely considered the greatest seven-a-side Rugby player ever and was inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame in 2012. The Rugby side of our business is North America’s preeminent Rugby brand, having built a performance pathway that spans youth to Olympic pitches.

What is more, Rex Norris, Jr. – our Head of Football – has spent 23 years coaching both Rugby and Football at elite levels. Our products and programs are run by the very coaches and analysts that built them from scratch over a two-year period. You will now find the drill progressions in our Online Training Program

To become Atavus Tackle Trained™, purchase and follow our Atavus Online Training Program™. Depending on your level, you may choose a package with 12, 22 or 30-modules. These progression-based packages use state-of-the-art Instructional Design techniques to teach you the fundamental, game-based and decision-making drills you can use with your team to create more efficient, safer and confident tacklers.

Progressions are what we use to build tackle skills from the ground up. We have broken the art of tackling down into component parts and build them in layers. Once the fundamental skills are mastered, we introduce new variables using decision-based and game-based drills. The constant practice and repetition result in competent, confident tacklers. To learn how to use progressions, simply purchase the Atavus Online Training Program™.

The Atavus Tackle System™ is drill-based and progression-based. We teach coaches how to build and execute tackle plans. Teaching tackle fundamentals is one thing. We take that a step further and practice these skills in game day-like scenarios using decision-making drills and game-based drills. The constant practice and repetition result in competent, confident tacklers. To learn how to use progressions, simply purchase the Atavus Online Training Program™.

They key difference is the targeted impact zone through the hips and thighs, utilizing shoulder leverage to bring opponents down efficiently and safely while removing the head as far away as possible from the impact area.