Tackling decides games.

Is your team tackling to its potential?

Effective tacklers are decisive – trained to react at game speed. Atavus empowers coaches with tackle data analysis, reporting, and year-round training to develop the skills needed for confident play.

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Good tackles begin long before contact.

The Track

Everything prior to the point of contact. Close space, maintain leverage, execute proper footwork.

The Tackle

Everything from the point of contact to the whistle. Maintain proper body position, strike and punch, finish.

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“Atavus helped us a ton in our efforts to improve our tackling and make our style of play better and tougher. We are tackling better than ever because of the things we’ve learned.”

Pete Carroll Head Coach Seattle Seahawks
We partner with all levels: From youth to elite Division 1 programs

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In-Depth Analytics

Year Round Partnership

Utilize the tackling expertise of the Atavus team and our Tacklytics™ analysis to get more out of your current practice and game evaluations.

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Online Training Program

Learn how to coach rugby-inspired, shoulder-led tackling

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