Track and guide program improvement year round

Teaching the shoulder-led tackle is only the start. We empower coaches to run more efficient practices, create and adapt tackle plans, while building confident, instinctual players.

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Year Round Partnership

This comprehensive program has our team work hand-in-hand with your defensive staff to plot out off-season, pre-season, and in-season programs to build confident tacklers. We will schedule regular check-ins and reviews.

Our custom reporting will:
  • Provide key insights based on the review of your previous game
  • Provide video cut-ups to support those recommendations
  • Provide recommended next steps to address areas of need
  • Provide access to underlying data


  • Tailored camp tackle curriculum
  • Access to drill library and customized progressions
  • Coaching staff onboarding to Atavus online portal
  • Practice drill and player execution assessments


  • Practice drill and player execution assessments
  • Every game analyzed with weekly qualitative reports
  • Weekly check-ins with program champion


  • Post-season analysis and suggested next steps
  • Kickoff meeting with coaching staff
  • “State of the Program” assessment
  • Program goal setting and calendar development


  • Tailored off-season tackle curriculum
  • Practice drill assessment
  • Player execution assessment
  • Spring game analysis
Our year round partnership assistance includes:

Game Film Analysis

We review and grade every tackle in your games, aggregate that info into our Tacklytics™ custom database and provide you with a detailed report. Find out how effectively your athletes are tracking the ball carrier and tackling.

Reports are easily accessed and customized via our Tacklytics™ dashboard.
  • Overall game breakdown of positive vs negative tackle situations
  • Overall areas for improvement
  • How you stacked up against your Game Performance Goals
  • Positional group performance
  • Proposed Tackle Plan with drills for the upcoming week

Practice Film Assessment

Atavus coaches and analysts review and evaluate your practice film, then provide drill progression recommendations and execution adjustments that improve player performance. Available for off season, pre season, and in season practices.

You’ll get recommendations to help your improve performance with:
  • Fundamental drills
  • Decision making drills
  • Game based drills
  • Overall player execution
  • Coaching role & teaching