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Learn to teach the shoulder-led tackle with our progression-based, step-by-step Online Training Program.

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In this program, you’ll master the key drills and practice progressions that comprise the Atavus Tackle System. Training materials include video demonstrations, common mistakes, coaching tips, checkpoint quizzes, drill sheets and other downloadable resources.

“It is one of the best done online training platforms I have used. Very clean and easy to navigate with everything you need right there.”

Jacob Spenn P.E., Head Football Coach, Cypress Christian School

Course Path

We build tackle skills from the ground up, helping players to learn the motor skills necessary for instinctive, effective defense.

Drills are organized into three groups of modules:

Fundamental Drills

Teaches the athlete how to execute proper movement and technique for safer and effective results.

Decision Making Drills

Focuses on the choices an athlete must make to execute the proper movement and technique.

Game Based Drills

Athletes get the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in a game scenario.

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Developed By Experts

This program was created by coaches with decades of experience in both Rugby and Football. Partners like the University of Washington, the University of Nebraska and the Ohio State University work with us to refine and enhance our progressions based on experience in the trenches.

“We are tackling better because of the things we’ve learned from the team at Atavus.”

Pete Carroll Head Coach, Seattle Seahawks
We partner with all levels: From youth to elite Division 1 programs



  • One free drill
  • + Video demo of the platform


  • 8 Fundamental Drills
  • 4 Decision Making Drills
  • 3 Game Based Drills


  • 15 Fundamental Drills
  • 7 Decision Making Drills
  • 8 Game Based Drills

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